Support at Work 2016

June 2016: Four Post Secondary Scholarships have been awarded totalling $16,000.00.

$4,000.00 awarded to Simone St. Angelo graduating from St. Paul Catholic High School

$4,000.00 awarded to Lena Perkins graduating from A.N Myer Secondary School

$4,000.00 awarded to Bryan Lusk graduating from T.A Blakelock Secondary School

$4,000.00 awarded to Maya Perez graduating from M.M Robinson Secondary School

August 2016: A $3,400.00 donation was made to Kidney March via The Kidney Foundation of Canada to research childhood kidney disease.

November 2016: $5,500.00 to Ronald McDonald House

December 2016: $4000.00 to Ronald McDonald House to complete our first commitment to a $25,000.00 Family Suite

December 2016: $25,000.00 for the purchase of a Bedside Renal Ultrasound Unit for the Kidney Care Program’s patients at Niagara Health System

There is much more to come in 2016 so please stay tuned for our exciting updates on where your donation dollars are being put to work.

Your support has allowed us to honour David’s memory by giving back to our communities in so many ways; and to date you have helped us donate over $150,000.00!