Support At Work 2012

Through your continued support, the David Gregory MacKinnon Memorial Foundation was able to help in the following ways:

June 2012: A $600.00 donation was gifted to A.N. Myer Secondary School toward their Memorial Tree
School Grounds Beautification Project. Two Purple Beech Trees where purchased for the school in David
MacKinnon’s Memory. Purple Beech, Tri Coloured Beech and the Majestic Red Maple where David’s
favourite types of trees. The two Purple Beech were chosen to honour David, and it just so happens that
the school which David loved so much, A.N. Myer, use Purple and White as their colours. Purple Beech
became the obvious choice.

June 2012: A $4,500.00 donation was given to The Ronald McDonald House of Hamilton. This donation
was given just as the newly renovated house opened up once again to welcome the families of seriously
ill children in Ontario. We thank the volunteers at RMH of Hamilton for being a beacon of light for those
needing them. Right now, as you are reading this, little Hannah Newby’s family is staying close to 6.5
month old Hannah while she recovers from her heart transplant. The family will need to stay at the house
for at least 3 months while beautiful baby Hannah learns to live with her gift of life. The David Gregory
MacKinnon Memorial Foundation are so humbled to give back in a way that honour‘s David.

September 2012: An art scholarship in the amount of $5,845.21 was presented to Miss Adriana
Sarmiento, a grade 12 honour student graduating from A.N. Myer Secondary School. Adriana is attending
Ryerson University in the Graphic Arts Communication Program.

October 2012: A $6,000.00 donation was presented to The Kidney Foundation of Canada. We are
pleased to support this foundation so they may continue their important life saving, and life enhancing
research, as well as continuing to offer the many programs that support renal patients and their families
in Canada.

November 2012: In association with Kicks for Kids a $3000.00 martial arts scholarship was provided to
two children whose family is so grateful for the opportunity to provide their children with the same values
of respect, kindness, teamwork, perseverance, courtesy and self control that they teach at home.


Thank you to our community supporters, friends and volunteers!
The David Gregory MacKinnon Memorial Foundation