Support At Work

Through your continued support, the David Gregory MacKinnon Memorial Foundation was able to help in the following ways:

March 2013: $1000.00 was donated to Daval Hospice to help local Day Hospice Patients and support programs.

March 2013: $1000.00 was donated to The Canadian S.A.D.S. Foundation to support Heart Arrhythmia Patients.

June 2013: Three Post Secondary Scholarships were given in the total amount of $12,000.00

$4,000.00 Awarded to Lissa Schoot-Utterkamp of A.N. Myer Secondary School to attend the University of Guelph to pursue Landscape Architecture.

$4,000.00 Awarded to Honey Kim of T.A. Blakelock Secondary School to attend Carlton University for Architecture.

$4,000.00 Awarded to Allysa Dalgleish of M.M. Robinson Secondary School to attend Seneca’s Aviation Program.

September 2013: $2.175.00 to The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Southern Alberta Branch supporting the 2012 100KM Kidney March.

October 2013: $2,000.00 Awarded to Gabriel Oliveros, a grade 4 Honour Student, towards a Classical Piano Scholarship.

November 2013: $2,000.00 to The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Ontario Branch, supporting programs and patients throughout Southern Ontario.

December 2013: $4,500.00 donated to The Ronald McDonald House of Hamilton toward a $25,000.00 commitment to sponsor a room dedicated in David’s honour within the House.

December 2013: $1,500.00 donated to the Niagara Health System’s Kidney Care Program, to support local Renal Patients needing help with the cost of transportation to and from Dialysis.


Thank you to our community supporters, friends and volunteers!


The David Gregory MacKinnon Memorial Foundation