Pan Am torch relay comes through Falls

One month after donating one of her kidneys, Michelle MacKinnon carried the 2015 Pan Am torch during a community celebration in the Honeymoon Capital Saturday.

“It was exciting. It was a very short distance, under a kilometre, so I didn’t have to go very far, which is good because I’m recovering,” she said following the relay.

On May 13, MacKinnon underwent surgery to remove her left kidney and donated it to a little boy she barely knows.

In 2011, the Niagara Falls woman was set to give the gift of life to her 18-year-old son, David. He had been sick all his life and had been on dialysis for nearly two years. But the mother-to-son kidney transplant was postponed twice, and David had a stroke three days before the third attempt. He died, June 8, 2011, on the day he was to receive his mother’s kidney.

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